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This post serves no purpose other than to let the world know I hate moving.

I'm excited to move in with the boy, and I love our new apartment, and it's kitchen with all the counterspace (comparatively speaking, that is).

But this packing, and organizing, and all the other nonsense can go. Seriously.


Packing sucks. Good luck with it. Can't you pay some poor impoverished undergrads to pack for you?
Well, it's summer break, so the ugrads are out of town. I was going to look around for some to help carry my stuff up to the 2nd floor apt we're getting, but then we wound up getting quasi-full service (i.e. they do everything but pack) movers since C actually has grown-up things like furniture.

However, I don't know of any undergrads who would agree to pack up my underwear for any amount of money, so that whole point is moot, I suppose.

Eh, don't worry about me. I'm just in a whiny mood. ;)
Wow, I totally was joking about the undergrads, but turns out you've given it thought... XD;

Any pervs you could pay to pack up your undies? You'd only have to pay them in a few pairs of panties... XD
I hate moving as well. Sosuke and I are gonna try to move in together in the near future... which is awesome but at the same time sounds like a terrible pain in the ass.
Eh, I'm of the opinion that all moving is a pain in the ass. Boyfriends or no, hehe.

Glad to hear that it's going so well with Sosuke, though...when in the "near future" are you thinking?
Another update! :D

Am so happy to hear you are moving in with the boy and everything is going smoothly. Congrats again(?) on your engagement!!! And your move!!! And your new job!!!! So exciting! :D

I do enjoy reading your posts-- perhaps a quarterly post would be better than annual? ;)