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Guess who's back?

So, after nearly a near of non-updating, and getting more and more intimidated by the prospect of starting again, I decided I had the perfect excuse to start posting in...the World Cup.  :)

We still haven't got the cable set up at home, so I'm currently camping out at the boyfriend's house dragging him out of bed at ridiculous times in the morning (good thing he's a football fan, too) to watch the World Cup.  Which has totally gotten off to an unimpressive start.  I'm hoping that the matches today come to some sort of conclusion, at least.

The Korea vs. Greece match we're currently watching, however, seems to be going rather well. I totally cracked up when I found out that the only scorer in the match so far (S. Korea - Lee Jung-Soo) totally plays for the Kashima Antlers (which is probably the biggest JLeague team near where I used to live). For a while, I was like, "WTF...why the heck is the ESPN commentator talking about the Antlers all of a sudden? Is this what my chuugakusei are doing now? AIEEE...I HAVE TAUGHT THEM TOO WELL!" Until I figured it out.



You! Hey you, fellow not-posting-but-reading/lurking-around-flist-er! And I was just thinking the other day, "I bet Su and Mayumi are getting into the World Cup frenzy right about now." :D
Getting into it?! We've been *in* it for weeks. Just on opposite sides of the world.

Which is unfortunate, since I feel the collective batshit-level wane owing to distance. The bf is a footie-fan too, but he doesn't have the batshit gene. It's so not the same.

Also, it's been forever since I've heard from/about you. What have you been up to?
Noone else around you has the batshit footie gene? (...Somehow that sounded so wrong.) Watching the England vs. USA game right now--I've never been one to watch football, partially because you can't really find it on TV (and I'm more of a tennis fan), but I could get used to all this excitement.

Haha, yeah, I haven't posted in...a year? I've been commuting to work, so I'm pretty much exhausted in the evenings. And weekends are for catching up on sleep. I shouldn't be accessing LJ at work, which means I can barely keep up with the flist, much less post. I hear you're back in Ithaca?