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So, I realised that I never really update this thing anymore. I guess the reasons for this are twofold: 1. there is nothing of interest (to the population at large, that is) going on on a large enough scale as to warrant a post, and 2. when enough smaller things happen that I feel like a post should be in the making, I get overwhelmed thinking about writing it all down, and then just wind up never doing it. I try to make resolutions to myself to update more often and just drive myself to fits of guilt when I don't.

Maybe one of these days I'll be inspired to LJ properly again.

In the meantime, for an update on the life of Su-in-Japan, all I have to offer is the following.

In the last 24 hours, I had a four hour conversation with nakiri during which:

1. I had an epiphany
2. The following lines were uttered.

(nakiri): ...where instead of learning lanugages, I can learn the cock.

Me (in a different part of the conversation): Oh my God, we're not having babies! We're having MORMONS!

3. I've decided that any marriage I can remotely be a part of will have to wind up being a joke and end with my killing my child for being a misogynistic patriarch.

To this aforementioned marriage, I can only say "MMBD."


...you will now have to explain the mormons comment, you realise?
I enjoy reading your posts. And the interesting conversations are always a blast.


'Cos I do.

So, you're weird. I love you.

Oh - this is Joel. That Aussie guy who used to live in Mito.